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MVP and Prototyping

We make the Prototype or MVP of your digital product idea.

Desenvolvedor de aplicativos

Within the conception, we develop the Minimum Viable Product of your project, realizing your business idea.

Falqon can help you take the first step in the development of your project with our service of MVP and prototyping for applications, web systems and ERP. That way we can together build and launch your product/service on the market, understand the customer's reaction, adjust the product/service and launch it again.

Relying on our services, especially during the initial phases, reduces the impact that changes can have on the project, reducing costs and mitigating failures during implementation.

More than a supplier, we are partners in the digital transformation of your business.

Equipe de Desenvolvimento de inicialização

State-of-the-art software made by an exceptional team from conception to delivery

We transform challenges of companies and entrepreneurs into technological solutions and digital products.

Custom Development

Whether it's a mobile application (web, hybrid or native) or desktop web development, we:

  • we validate ideas and/or hypotheses;

  • we digitize and optimize processes;

  • we develop digital products for the market;

  • we evolved an existing product;

  • We develop integrations and APIs.


We carry out all the steps of building your solution

Falqon's MVP and Prototyping service is the Ideal solution for New Economy Startups and Digital Businesses.

We have designs and developers specialized in digital products, prepared to serve our customers with agility and excellence. 


Our purpose is to turn your ideas into reality, developing innovation.

Get in touch with us to schedule a call.

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