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Our Artificial Intelligence connects Talents
to BI and Data Team Managers

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work in the Big Data

and Analytics market


Big Data & Analytics selects professionals looking to join or to grow in the Big Data & Analytics universe. Our artificial intelligence is able to identify your profile and suggest gaps to be filled and thus facilitate the hiring of client companies.

HR department

Managers and Tech Recruiters

The IT and Data departments are increasingly demanding from HR that the R&S processes attract candidates aligned with the companies proposals and challenges. The platform will support Managers and Tech Recruiters who are having difficulty finding qualified professionals for Big Data and Analytics vacancies.

Job Manager

IT, Data or Business

We are aware of the difficulty in finding qualified professionals to fill the gaps in the data market. With you will easily find these professionals for a successful Data Driven journey. Smart Assessment Steps


Our Assessment cycle lasts 3 weeks and in each new cycle you will have the opportunity to apply for the vacancies that our algorithm selects and recommends.


The algorithm will make suggestions for ideal candidates for managers of contracting companies, intelligently and quickly accelerating the filling of vacancies.


Talents are nominated based on the suggestion of the artificial intelligence and professionals are hired for positions of Analysts, Scientists, Engineers and Data Architects.

We are an HR Tech focused on Data Professionals Assessment

If you are a DA & BI Professional, be part of our community and have direct access to managers of more than 30,000 job openings for Analysts, Scientists, Engineers, Architects and Data Designers.

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Data market should demand 420.000 new talents by 2024

After registering the candidate, our AI analyzes their talents and sends detailed feedback to improve their differentials, greatly increasing their chances of attracting the attention of the manager of the ideal vacancy.

Do you want to work in the Big Data & Analytics market?

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Hire like big companies do in the Retail, Digital, Industry and Healthcare segments.

Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence to carry out large-scale Assessment, allowing the mining of hundreds of talents able to occupy positions of Analyst, Scientist, Engineer and Data Architect.

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We provide practical and agile solutions to fill your vacancy with the ideal professional.Sign up now at and get many more candidates for a successful Data Driven journey.

Why choose

Because our solution is developed by Falqon Data &Tech.
technology company with a decade of experience in data analysis. We've trained over 2,000 professionals and users in this market, making us the ideal choice for your data analysis needs.

Learn more about HR Tech

  • What is an HR Tech?
    HR Techs are startup companies that strive to automate HR processes and increase productivity within the Human Resources sector of organizations. The objective of these companies is to reduce bureaucratic tasks by leveraging technology. Although the central idea is to replace slow processes that typically require more staff, the human element is not lost. Our proposed solutions prioritize the employee experience and aim to provide a competitive advantage to the company.
  • What are the characteristics of an HR Tech?
    One of the main characteristics of HR Techs is that they are always looking for innovations. These innovations, such as gamification, people analytics and big data, help companies to be more competitive in the market, without neglecting the care of employees − their most valuable assets. In addition, HR Techs also make the Human Resources sector more strategic, eliminating several bureaucratic and overwhelming processes that take up a lot of time, such as the analysis of paper CVs and the search for different benefits facilitators, for example.
  • What are the benefits that HR Techs deliver?
    For Companies One of the primary advantages of utilizing an HR Tech is increased productivity within the Human Resources sector. By eliminating outdated and time-consuming processes and leveraging technology, this department is able to accomplish much more in less time. Moreover, HR Techs excel at managing data and information, thereby minimizing management errors. With access to these data banks, companies can make more informed decisions about investments and shutdowns, among others. For the Employee As a HR Tech, we believe that employees are the core of any Human Resources solution. Our innovative information analysis technologies enable us to tailor pay, benefits, and working conditions to meet employees' specific needs. Our employee-centered approach ensures that each solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, enabling you to attract and retain the best talent.
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