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Do you need a new product for your business but don’t have the ideal technical team?  Hire Falqon’s Chief Technology Officer and maximize your business gains.

CTO as Service

One of our Senior Fullstack Developers can be the CTO of your digital business or startup.

The CTO is responsible for the entire development chain of a Software Product. 
They lead your tech team to configure and control development processes and make decisions about technical and architectural environments.


With our CTO as a service, your company or startup will have technical and business advice from a Chief Technology Officer in a scalable, fast and economically viable way.

Trabalhando na frente de várias telas
Digitar em um computador

with our CTO as a Service you will have the advanced technical expertise available anywhere, in addition to the extensive business experience of Senior Developers.

Our CTOs are versatile specialists capable of facing the most diverse challenges in the main areas of information technology.

We take care of the architecture and manage your development team so you can take care of what really matters.
Get started on your digital product today.

Discover the benefits:

Market Vision

Specialized Professionals

Accessible Budget

Programador de software

Hire our CTO as Service
The Ideal Solution for New Economy Startups and Digital Businesses.

In-house CTOs often cost a lot or maybe your company do not need a full-time dedicated CTO right now.

That's why Falqon's CTO as a Service is a perfect and affordable option for companies on a budget looking for state-of-the-art talents.

Gain a competitive advantage by working with our team of top-tier CTOs.

Get in touch with us to schedule a call.

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