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Discover 05 cases of AI – Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows processes to be automated and we have already mentioned that retail is heavily benefited by machine learning technologies.

Robo Inteligência Artificial

What would be the main success stories?

Here we list 5 great retailers that are examples of good practices in AI, starting with the Brazilian one on the list!

  1. Magazine Luiza: Brazilian retail giant pioneer in the use of Artificial Intelligence through the well-known “Lu”, the brand's virtual assistant;

  2. Amazon: This global giant surprised retail with the creation of Amazon Go, the “supermarket of the future” with no employees operating;

  3. Walmart: Using AI-programmed robots to scan shelves and check inventories and replace products arranged in sectors that are not the right ones;

  4. Leroy Merlin: French chain of building materials stores, widely known in Brazil, now relies on LIA to serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

  5. Starbucks: With “My Starbucks Barista” – an application that allows customers to order in advance, arrive at the place and pick it up – the company has considerably reduced queues and waiting time at the brand's stores.

In your opinion, which case deserves more attention?


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